Is Amazon Pharmacy Cheaper than GoodRx, Traditional Pharmacies, or Canadian Pharmacies?

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Amazon announced the launch of its Amazon Pharmacy service on Nov 17, 2020. Now, the company will sell prescription medications in the U.S. It boasts that Amazon Prime members can save up to “80 percent off generic and 40 percent… Continue Reading…

Generic Zytiga to Prolong Survival for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer Is Now Available!

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Abiraterone acetate (Zytiga) works by reducing male hormone (androgen) production in the body – hormones like testosterone, that can promote tumor growth in the prostate gland. Generic version of Zytiga have been launched by Apotex, Pharmascience, Hikma, Mylan, Teva and… Continue Reading…


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Washington, D.C. – The Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI) predicts that drug price hikes in 2021 will drive increased prescription importation. Some 735 drugs have seen price increases in January 2021. Reports from healthcare research firm 3 Axis Advisors and announcements by drugmakers… Continue Reading…

We Know You Wish Your Restless Legs Would Let You Sleep

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Unpleasant sensations from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) can occur while sitting still or during sleep, causing an irresistible urge to move. What Is Restless Legs Syndrome? RLS is also called Willis-Ekbom Disease. It is the most common movement disorder, characterized… Continue Reading…

Americans find the best drug prices at online Canadian pharmacies over amazon, Goodrx, or traditional pharmacies!

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Washington, D.C. – A new price comparison of leading brand name prescription drugs finds that American’s online Canadian pharmacies more affordable than AmazonPharmacy, GoodRx or traditional U.S. pharmacies. The new analysis released by the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI) found that prescription drugs are 50% to 88%… Continue Reading…

How is Diarrhea Like Heavy Metal Music?

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Teaching patients can be repetitive, so it can be helpful to have an analogy at hand that help patients readily grasp important points CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE

New Generic Ampyra To Improve Walking for People with MS Is Available Now

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New generic Ampyra is available now. You can save almost 80% by ordering from a Canadian mail order pharmacy. Dalfampridine (Ampyra) is an oral medication, in tablet form, which blocks tiny pores called potassium channels on the surface of nerve… Continue Reading…

New Generic Clobex Shampoo to Treat Skin Conditions Is Available Now

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New generic Clobex is available now. You can save approximately 67% from Canadian mail order pharmacy. Clobetasol propionate (Clobex) is a potent topical corticosteroid used to treat eczema, psoriasis, allergies (such as an allergic reaction to poison ivy), and many… Continue Reading…

New Generic Ciprodex Ear Drops (Antibiotic and Steroid Combined) Are Available Now.

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New generic Ciprodex is available now. You can save approximately 75% to treat your or your child’s ear infection and stop the pain, swelling and itching. Ciprofloxacin/dexamethasone (Ciprodex) is used to treat middle ear infections in children with ear tubes, as well as outer ear infections (also… Continue Reading…

Is Tretinoin a Good Treatment to Reduce Age Spots and Wrinkles?

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Tired of seeing brown spots and wrinkles when you look in the mirror? The signs of aging can creep up on you over time, with facial lines that were once light and barely visible, developing into deeper, more obvious wrinkles… Continue Reading…