Canadadrugs closed and was a CIPA certified Pharmacy closed a few years back and if you were a loyal customer of you may be a customer of ours now. We’ve managed to hire a number of the people that worked for Canada Drugs in order to assist you with your phone requests for our Canadian online pharmacy. We are here as a result of Canada Drugs closing as we wanted to continue to create jobs for some of the staff that used to work there as well as continue to provide high quality affordable prescription drugs and pharmacy services.

Like, we are CIPA certified. CIPA is the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and we are a member. This certification ensures that you are dealing with a safe online pharmacy that will assist in finding an affordable price option to medicine purchased in the United States.

Our associated mail order pharmacies offer great discounts and low prices on generic and brand name medications. We offer a wide range of prescription, over the counter and pet medications. will help you with huge savings when you buy prescription drugs from our associated mail order pharmacies online. We work with a Canadian Pharmacy online as well as other online pharmacies in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and India. These mail order pharmacies are licensed in the countries that they operate in and are CIPA inspected to be certified. We work with these pharmacies so we can provide the best price from a trusted pharmacy partner and pass along the savings on prescription products you may be paying too much for.

We also provide World Class Customer Service and help you get your medication delivered to your door at a price that is more affordable than the price of medications in the USA.

Why did close? was a trusted Canadian Online Pharmacy. They were CIPA certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. was shut down by the US Department of Justice on July 13th of 2018. shutting down is what got us started. So why did shut down?

Wikipedia ( says Canada Drugs “…was Canada’s largest pharmacy providing world-wide prescription services and has filled over 1,000,000 international and Canadian prescriptions through its mail order facilities. It was shut down as a result of litigation by the US federal government.”  In fact, the case against Canada Drugs did not involve medications sold from their website As Wikipedia indicate, Canada Drugs had safely sold medications at low costs to Americans for many years and was trusted by many. The case with the US federal government had to do with a separate business owned by the same people where they sold medication directly to the doctor’s offices. It turned out there was some fake Avastin (a chemotherapy medication) that made it into their supply chain via the UK and was sold to US medical centers in 2011. This medication did not appear on for sale to US individuals.

So how can you trust a Canadian mail order pharmacy? The CDC suggests ( that less than 1% of medications sold in industrialized (Tier One) countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, and those in the European Union are fake. This number is as high as 30% in developing countries!

In order to help you with your decision to trust an online pharmacy, The Canadian International Pharmacy Association, or CIPA, certifies online pharmacy sellers to help you with finding a trusted source for online medications. Make sure you click the link to ensure the link Is real and you are dealing with a legitimate Canadian Pharmacy provider! is a CIPA certified pharmacy provider.

We are here to offer medications at affordable prices from a CIPA certified and trusted source for online pharmaceuticals. Wherever you decide to go to find cheap Canadian drugs online, remember to at least give us a call, check out our pricing and experience our incredible customer service. We are waiting for your call!

Canada Drugs OLD phone number was 1-800-226-3784 or 1-800-CAN-DRUG, Canada Online Health’s CURRENT phone number is 1-800-399-3784 or 1-800-399-DRUG.  Be sure to dial Canada Online Health at 1-800-399-3784 for all of your online pharmacy needs!