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Prescription Required

500mg 60 tab $293.53
500mg 120 tab $561.07
500mg 180 tab $820.60

Product of Canada - Manufactured by KYE PHARMACEUTICALS INC.

Rancv ER

Prescription Required

1000mg 100 tab $87.69

Product of India - Manufactured by MSN Laboratories Ltd.

Ranozex ER

Prescription Required

500mg 100 tab $72.75

Product of India - Manufactured by Sun Pharma


Prescription Required

500mg 60 tab $120.91
500mg 120 tab $235.60
500mg 180 tab $353.40
750mg 60 tab $140.68
750mg 120 tab $260.58
750mg 180 tab $390.87

Product of United Kingdom - Manufactured by A. Menarini Pharma


starting from $2.58 per tab
Generic Viagra
(Sildenafil )

starting from $0.72 per tab
Generic Cialis

The prescription medications you have requested were lawfully prescribed by a qualified and licensed physician. You have attended, have had a physical examination, and have received a prescription from a duly licensed practitioner within the last year, and do not require an additional physical examination. You have not altered your prescription in any way. The duty of care with respect to the prescribing of your medications is and shall remain the responsibility of your physician. You will consult with your physician for any appropriate monitoring and testing. You will use your medication only as directed by your physician and will remain under the care of your physician while taking your medication. Except as specifically authorized by law (and further clarified herein), you are not purchasing medications for anyone else, and you will be the only person using the medications prescribed for you. In the event that you are unable to personally place your order with CheapoMeds due to age or infirmity, you can authorize someone else to place your order and assist you in acquiring your medications, so long as they have power of attorney over your affairs, and provide a copy of their legal authorization to act on your behalf to CheapoMeds.